HVAC Maintenance Plans – Residential and Commerical

Personalized HVAC Maintenance Plans

Heart of America Service Company in Shawnee, KS, provides personalized maintenance plans for our residential and commercial properties. Regular maintenance for your HVAC units will keep them operating normally at all times, lessening the chances of any malfunctions. Maintenance will also allow us to fix minor problems before they become more extensive, saving you time and money.

Residential HVAC Maintenance Plans

Our technicians will contact you in the spring and fall to schedule a time for us to visit! Each season requires particular attention to different areas of your home’s Heating and Cooling HVAC systems.

Spring/Summer Includes:

  • Cleansing outside air condition coil.
  • Evaluating electrical components, brackets, compressors, motors, and controls.
  • Changing system filter.
  • Reviewing condensate drain.
  • Ensuring your system has the proper amount of Freon.

Fall/Winter Includes:

  • Changing system filter.
  • Reviewing flues.
  • Checking on the heat exchanger.
  • Checking on the furnace and ensuring it is safe.
  • Servicing humidifiers upon customer request (additional fee).
  • Certifying that your furnace is operating safely.

In addition, we offer a FREE service call and 15% off any required parts if issues arise. Our residential HVAC maintenance plans start at $175. Call us today at 913-441-2772 to schedule a free HVAC maintenance plan evaluation.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plans

We customize our commercial HVAC maintenance plans 100% to all of your needs! Schedule your free maintenance plan evaluation for your business today to get started.

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